American University of Sharjah

Program Areas and Courses

General Education Program

Ethical Understanding

Goal E. Reflect on the consequences of individual and collective human action

Outcome E.4. Assess the ethical dimensions of actions and explain the relationships between individual moral choices and professional responsibility


One of the courses listed below:

ARC 463 Professional Practice

BIO 251 Ecology

CHE 432 Process Design Safety and Economics

CMP 235 Ethics for Computing and Information Technology

COE 490 Design Project I

CVE 490 Civil Engineering Design Project I

DES 462 Design Management

ECO 495 Senior Seminar in Economics

ELE 490 Electrical Engineering Design Project I

ENG 490 Senior Research Project

ENV 252 Environmental Chemistry

ENV 491 Senior Research Project I

IDE 463 Professional Practice

INE 490 Senior Design Project I

MCE 490 Design Project I

MCM 321 Mass Communication Law and Ethics

MGT 360 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

MTH 490 Senior Project

PHI 201 Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 202 Introduction to Islamic Philosophy

PHI 208 Modern Philosophy 

VIS 361 The Design Profession