College / Department

Teaching areas

General, Quantitative, Instrumental, Forensic and Environmental chemistry.

Research areas

Research directed into providing cleaner and safer environment through air and liquid filtration with the main focus on public health: (1) Chemical characterization and health assessment of Arabian incense & ATPs such as shisha and dokha.(2) Development and modifications of activated carbon adsorbents from natural, synthetic and waste materials. (3) Air monitoring for GCC airports: Sand sampling, characterization and treatment. (4) Promoting undergraduate science education and research.


B.Sc. Beirut Arab University, 1997
Ph.D. City University of New York, 2006
M.Phil. (Chemistry), City University of New York, 2005

Professional experience

Senior/Principal scientist, Donaldson Company Inc, Minnesota, USA
Lecturer, City College of the City University of New York , New York, USA
School Teacher, The Modern School, Beirut, Lebanon


American Chemical Society, SRNT

+971 6 515 2576