American University of Sharjah

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management

Alya Al Ali

Alya al ali mgt student

BSBA Management Student

In this highly globalized and fast-changing world, how can any business succeed without the crucial knowledge that the management major offers? Indeed, the School of Management at AUS is unique in its embodiment of the myriad aspects of business. Not only does it create broad-minded and intellectual students, but it also strives to create leaders who could succeed in any environment both locally and globally. Besides, being a management student has given me the chance to critically analyze case studies and improve my communication and problem-solving skills.

I certainly believe I’ve made an excellent choice in opting for management as my major. With every passing day here at AUS, I feel that there’s always more to learn about management. I am truly blessed to have found my passion—management.

Mahmoud Marak

Mahmoud marak alumni ba management

BSBA Management Alumnus

Studying at American University of Sharjah was a fantastic and very rewarding educational experience. With wide range of flexible courses and extremely knowledgeable and dedicated professors, AUS provided me with the best opportunity to learn, grow and become well prepared to face corporate challenges. The four years I spent at AUS have helped in developing and shaping my career.

Since graduation, I have been exposed to a variety of industries in the market. The knowledge I gained from my undergraduate experience along with market exposure has made me a successful human resources professional today.