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Welcome to the Department of Marketing and Information Systems at American University of Sharjah! With great enthusiasm, I extend a warm welcome on behalf of our department, which is dedicated to providing outstanding education and research experience.

Our department proudly offers three distinctive Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) programs: marketing, information systems and business analytics, and our newly introduced program in supply chain management. Additionally, we provide four minors: marketing, management information systems, supply chain management and the recently added minor in luxury marketing. Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to deliver a comprehensive education covering traditional and cutting-edge aspects of our fields, ensuring our students are well-equipped for future global careers.  |-BREAK-|

Central to our success are our esteemed faculty members, who are world-class experts in marketing, information systems and supply chain management. Our teaching philosophy emphasizes collaborative learning, critical and innovative pedagogy, and active engagement with industry leaders through diverse course projects. With small class sizes, we provide a learning environment that instills local, regional and global competencies, cultivating graduates with profound insights into crucial theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Our faculty members are highly engaged in impactful research, boasting a cumulative research citation count that exceeds 32,000 on Google Scholar. They contribute regularly to top-tier peer-reviewed journals and present their working papers in esteemed international forums. Many of our faculty members also serve as editors and associate editors of journals and hold elected officer positions in global marketing and management information systems forums.

We invite you to consider our department for your undergraduate program of study. Our admissions office is readily available to address any queries you may have, and we would be delighted to meet with you during your campus visit.

Thank you for considering  the Department of Marketing and Information Systems at AUS. We eagerly anticipate your interest and look forward to the possibility of welcoming you to our esteemed department!

M. Sajid Khan, PhD


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Information Systems And Business Analytics
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Supply Chain Management
Minor in Luxury Marketing
Minor in Management Information Systems
Minor in Marketing
Minor in Supply Chain Management

Why Choose Marketing?


Safa'a Abujarour
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Potsdam, Germany
Dr. Norita Ahmad
PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States
Dr. Linda Angell
Associate Professor
DBA, Boston University, United States
Dr. Jeffrey Baker
PhD, Texas Tech University, United States

Marketing Operations & Data Analytics (MODA)

The Marketing Operations and Data Analytics (MODA) team is a student-led organization that aims to share knowledge and foster students’ skills in the fields of marketing, operations and data analytics. MODA serves as a bridge between students and the represented department by organizing events, facilitating interactions with faculty, and helping students access resources and opportunities. By providing a platform for learning and collaboration, MODA helps prepare its members and students in the School of Business Administration for success in the academic and future landscape. In essence, MODA's mission is not only educational but also community-driven, enhancing the connection and support between students and their respective department.


Our students receive the right blend of academic instruction and real-world practical experience. They are trained to apply concepts and theories regarding consumer behavior in conducting marketing research. They are also taught how to utilize the product, promotion, pricing and distribution concepts in the formulation of marketing strategies that support ethical organizational and corporate strategies in today's global economy.

Our graduates have established their careers at some of the leading regional and international organizations, and many have chosen to pursue their graduate studies . 


Chalhoub Group





Emirates Airlines

Saatchi & Saatchi



Leo Burnett


Alpin Limited

Chalhoub Group Professorship in Luxury Brand Management

Message from Dr. George Christodoulides, Chalhoub Group Professor of Luxury Brand Management

Welcome to the Chalhoub Group Professorship in Luxury Brand Management at American University of Sharjah: A Center of Excellence for Research and Teaching in Luxury Marketing and Luxury Brand Management. 

Remarkable outcomes can happen when two leading organizations such as AUS and Chalhoub Group collaborate on a common goal: the need to establish a niche academic and talent development program that meets the specific demands of the luxury brand sector regionally and globally.  

The Chalhoub Group Professorship in Luxury Brand Management was, thus, founded in 2013 with an endowment by the Chalhoub Group. Under the leadership of my two predecessors, Dr. Nicholas Ashill (founding Chalhoub Group Professor) and Dr. Sajid Khan the Professorship, achieved significant growth and reputation.

The Chalhoub Professorship in Luxury Brand Management represents a key milestone in the development of the marketing discipline at AUS. Our department and the luxury brand cluster, in particular, are regular contributors to high-impact scholarly journals and its members are recipients of prestigious teaching and research awards. We work closely with both internal and external stakeholders to identify practice-relevant research questions. We then employ systematic and rigorous approaches to generate new knowledge to help marketers build and manage their luxury brands. At the same time, we capitalize on our industry partners’ and our own expertise to develop and sustain theoretically solid and practically relevant curricula around luxury brands. Our courses are designed to incorporate the most up-to-date research and global luxury trends, while also considering the unique requirements of the Middle East region's sector. 

As the third Chalhoub Group Professor, I am proud of the legacy accomplished and pledge for ambitious expansion plans for the future!

Luxury Curriculum

The  Luxury Brand Management senior undergraduate course (MKT 405) was introduced in 2013 for the first time, providing students with knowledge and skills to navigate issues including balancing desirability and accessibility of luxury, managing a luxury brand over time, and creating and building new and aspirational luxury brands. Taught by Professor George Christodoulides, the course incorporates a distinctive mentorship program led by top executives from Chalhoub Group, where students tackle real-world challenges encountered by luxury brands.

Additional courses in the luxury curriculum are Fashion Marketing (MKT 381) and The Business of Luxury (MKT 354). MKT 381, taught by Dr. Rania Semaan,presents marketing concepts in fashion through readings, case studies, videos and a course project for practical application and experiential learning. MKT 354, taught by Professor George Christodoulides, acknowledges the strategic importance of luxury marketing for Dubai and UAE’s national economy. The growth of this sector is expected to fuel the demand for graduates with an understanding of luxury marketing. The course explores the diversity of the meanings of "luxury" across different markets. Students explore the unique rules for success, including turning traditional marketing rules upside down. 

The Chalhoub Group Professorship was instrumental to the launch of the Minor in Luxury Marketing in Fall 2022, currently available to all non-marketing major students. For more information, please refer to the most recent version of the AUS catalog or contact the Chalhoub Group Professor ([email protected]).

Since 2013, more than 800 students have studied luxury courses at AUS.

Luxury Research

Research in luxury brand management topics has grown significantly since the launch of the professorship in 2013. Current AUS faculty undertaking research on luxury-related topics include Dr. George Christodoulides, Dr. Sajid Khan, Dr. Prakash Chathoth, Dr. Rania Semaan, Dr. Mona Mrad, Dr. Jeff Baker and  Dr. Jean Boisvert. Their research interests focus on luxury consumption and consumer behavior, the adoption of digital technologies, sustainable and circular luxury, the dark side of luxury consumption, B2B luxury, masstige brands, brand extensions and luxury value perceptions.

Brand Equity of Luxury Brands

Dr. George Christodoulides conducts research on the brand equity of luxury brands from the point of view of various stakeholder groups such as consumers and employees. Other relevant projects involve the impact of the sharing economy and circular models on luxury. This interest has led to two recently funded projects. The first investigates new forms of luxury consumption in the sharing economy while the second focuses on consumer behavior vis-à-vis luxury product repairs. Dr. Christodoulides is also interested in the dark side of luxury consumption with his collaborative project on luxury addiction with the International University of Monaco. While he is interested in High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) and their luxury consumption, Dr. Christodoulides is also interested in less exclusive forms of status consumption such as masstige and luxury in unconventional contexts (e.g., B2B). His work has been presented in leading international conferences and subsequently published in high-impact scholarly journals.

Memorable Experiences in the Context of Luxury Brand Management

Dr. Prakash Chathoth and Dr. Sajid Khan are currently involved in a joint research project with Washington State University studying memorable experiences in the context of luxury brand management. The research team is particularly investigating internal (firm) and external (consumer) behaviors that impact the transition from actual experience to relatively stable memories, creating a longer impact for luxury service brands.

Luxury Consumption

Dr. Rania Semaan’s current research interests focus on exploring the drivers of conspicuous consumption for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consumer, particularly investigating how social gender roles influence the drivers for luxury consumption. Dr. Semaan is also interested in the conceptualization of luxury brand charisma and its perception and meaning across different cultures as well as its effect on luxury brand devotion.

Luxury Brand Extensions

Dr Jean Boisvert’s work on luxury brand extensions has been presented at leading international conferences including the European Marketing Association Conference and the Luxury Brands Conference. His work has appeared in leading international marketing journals including the International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing as well as Journal of Product and Brand Management. Dr. Boisvert is currently working on a paper looking at the impact of generation Y & Z and gender on brand engagement toward masstige categories. A short-term project is about the dilution effect of luxury masstige extensions’ authenticity on PB purchase intentions and mediating effect of status signaling: a cross national study. A long-term project is also being developed on the impact of perceived masstige brand sustainability and ethical sensitivity on masstige value, brand passion and purchase intentions: an international cross-cultural comparison.

Fashion and Luxury Consumption

Dr. Mona Mrad specializes in studying various aspects of fashion and luxury consumption. With a background in fashion design and marketing, she recently collaborated with renowned marketing expert Professor Michael Solomon on a book titled Fashion and Luxury Marketing. Dr. Mrad's main research interest focuses on brand addiction, particularly in the realms of fashion and luxury. She has developed a huge interest in further exploring the field of luxury consumption within the framework of the circular economy, with her current research concentrating on the phenomenon of second-hand luxury consumption. As a fashion designer and a marketer, she has always been drawn to innovations. Consequently, she has also developed some research interest in the context of technology and innovation, with recent projects delving into marketing technology-based innovations such as wearables in the context of luxury and the use of virtual influencers.

Digital Technologies Used by Luxury Brands

Dr. Jeff Baker conducts research on the digital technologies used by luxury brands. His publication, “The Internet Dilemma: An Exploratory Study of Luxury Firms’ Usage of Internet-Based Technologies” recently appeared in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. The paper examines differences in website characteristics and functionality across different luxury sectors.  He is currently involved in the second phase of this research project, examining the use of digital influencers, NFTs, virtual reality and other metaverse technologies at luxury firms. He is also working on a separate project that studies the aspects of the luxury consumer experience in the hospitality industry.


Guest Speakers

Chalhoub Group and renowned luxury brands like Van Cleef & Arpels, Givenchy, Piaget, Rolls Royce, Cartier, Dior, Panerai, Dolce & Gabbana, and Mouawad Jewelry consistently provide guest speakers at AUS luxury curriculum courses. Additionally, industry professionals and academic experts come together annually to engage in stimulating discussions on the latest luxury trends and topics at our luxury brands symposium.

Key Events

March 2023
The professorship organized and hosted a joint event with Copenhagen Business School on the topic of Luxury in the Circular Economy where top luxury researchers and practitioners gathered at AUS to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the circular economy poses to the luxury concept and status consumption. Keynote speakers included Florence Bulte, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chalhoub Group, and Elisa Sorgi, Chief Merchandising Officer at Luxury Closet. Read more here.

April 2023
Dr. George Christodoulides, Chalhoub Group Professor, chaired a round table on luxury hospitality with representatives from Four Seasons Yachts.

January 2023 
The Professorship hosted Francesca Manfredi, Head of Sustainability at Panerai, the reputable Italian luxury watch brand with roots in the Italian navy, in an open talk organized on AUS campus. Manfredi unfolded the luxury brand’s sustainability strategy and discussed their recent partnership with the United Nations to enhance ocean literacy. Read more here.

November 2021
The Chalhoub Group Professorship hosted the 2021 AUS-Chalhoub Symposium on Luxury Marketing and Branding, an academic conference in collaboration with the Academy of Marketing, SIG in Consumer Psychology and Cross-Cultural Research. The keynote speakers for this event included Emanuela Prandelli from Bocconi University, and Pauline Brown, former CEO of LVMH North America. The best papers from this event were published in a special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing. 

March 2021
The online Masterclass in Luxury Customer Experience Management was organized by the Chalhoub Group Professorship and was attended by an audience of about 400 participants including business partners, alumni and students.

April 2019
The fourth AUS-Chalhoub Symposium focused on the topic of luxury tourism. The event included a keynote speech by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis entitled “Real Time Personalized Services in Tourism: The New Luxury” and a panel discussion involving Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of Chalhoub Group, on the topic “Challenges, Opportunities and Future Prospects of Luxury Tourism in the GCC.”  Read more here

In November 2017, the third AUS-Chalhoub Group symposium was held at AUS on the theme of emerging trends in the fashion industry and the local rise of designers. This half-day symposium was well received by over 450 faculty, students and alumni. Read more here.

October 2016
The second symposium was held at AUS on the theme of Luxury and the Internet Dilemma. The one-day symposium was attended by 630 faculty, students, and alumni. 

October 2015
In collaboration with the Chalhoub Group, AUS held the first luxury brands symposium in October 2015 on the theme of Luxury and Sustainability. The one-day symposium was attended by 650 faculty, students, and alumni. 

Internships and Placements

The growth of the AUS Chalhoub Group Professorship in Luxury Brand Management has created ample opportunities for luxury students to apply for internships and placements. Our students and recent graduates have been placed in top luxury organizations such as Hermès, LVMH, Loro Piana, Estee Lauder, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chalhoub Group, BMW, Bentley Motors, L'Oréal (luxe division), Jo Malone and Le Labo.

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