American University of Sharjah

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor-of-Science-in-Mathematics 2
In many fields - including but not limited to engineering, business, science and architecture - mathematics provides both a powerful base for understanding as well as tools necessary for study, research and development. Mathematics is essential to understanding our rapidly changing technologically-based world.

Our graduates have learned to think critically and creatively - skills necessary in a world that demands new ideas and new approaches. Our graduates will fit quickly and easily into a wide range of established and start-up companies.

Upon graduation, our students are able to:

  • understand diverse areas in mathematics such as analysis, algebra, discrete mathematics and applied mathematics
  • construct and effectively communicate valid mathematical arguments
  • carry out thoughtful approaches to problem solving
  • apply mathematical analysis and mathematical skills to problems in other disciplines
  • formulate problems in mathematical terms from descriptions written in language specific to disciplines associated with engineering, finance and the natural and physical sciences
  • define, execute and assist in a wide range of research tasks
  • use research skills to remain current in the field